About Us

Barrier Technology Malaysia Sdn Bhd (BTM) is the sole distributor of the award-winning unique technology Boron-CLS-Bond® in Malaysia.

Boron-CLS-Bond® is the key ingredient in the associated brands, MotorSilk® and LubriSilk®, manufactured by Advanced Lubrication Technology, Inc.

Boron-CLS-Bond® is a patented boron-based technology that was discovered at the Argonne National Laboratory, a facility of the U.S. Department of Energy.

With Boron-CLS-Bond® technology, BTM aims to assist Malaysian-based industries in addressing issues such as:-

Climate Change
Cost Reduction
Improved fuel Efficiency

In collaboration with our network of Resellers, servicing the Government (including GLCs), Automotive, Marine, Mining & Industrial Machineries sectors, we are committed in ensuring quick and quality service at all times.

We embrace the special trust placed in us by our clients and endeavour to fulfil our responsibility to deliver technology through solutions to improve our lives. We look forward to building the future with you.

Don’t Just Change Your Lubricants. Change Your Expectations.